Unique! Made for you only.

We create your own cinema universe of vision and sound, perfectly matched to your wishes. Light, textures, panels and of course the latest technologies come from a single source. We have the knowledge and skill to provide you with an unique, next generation audiovisual cinematic experience.

The screen that makes everthing possible.

Samsung's «THE WALL», with its brilliant LED display technology, is the guarantee for a stunning next-generation viewing experience. The design provides a limitless image that is available in any size and shape. Its modular micro LED display is delivering a revolutionary viewing experience with pure black, true color and Samsung’s AI picture enhancement.

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The sound to feel and hear.

Ascendo, the convincing  immersive Dolby Atmos audio system of active and passive cinema speakers, is making modern theater sound a unique and highly emotional 3D sound experience in a class of its own. Thanks to the innovative speaker technology and the sophisticated digital room corrction software, you will experience every single tone enthralling and right to point anywhere in the room. A sound experience that catches your breath.

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Enjoy the movie relaxed and comfortable.

With so much exitement you need a relaxing seat. With the recliner chair made of high-quality fabric materials shown here, in addition to an adjustable backrest, the integrated footrest can be moved by pressing a button. All of course completely silent, so that nothing distracts from the high tension on the screen.

Construction and decoration perfectly matched to sound and image.

Gone are the days when sound-absorbing red plush curtains framed the shimmering images on the screen. Specially woven textiles and floor coverings no longer swallow anything here, indirect light behind the panels ensures optimum color perception of the film, surrounded by sound all around - everything is perfectly coordinated so that nothing disturbs your personal cinema experience.

From the idea to the plan to the perfect cinema.

In order for an idea to become the perfect realization, many components must be reconsidered and coordinated. Are the fabric covers optimally suited? Is the air circulation correct? Is the sound absorption 100% guaranteed? Only professionals can perform the perfection to the last small screw. Welcome to the big show!

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