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Multimedia-Technologies, High-End Music Systems, System Integration, Smart Home technologies and devices, CCTV, Access Control in both residences and superyachts.


Sound Vision House AG

New construction, renovation,  efficient home technology, design and interior design. Distinctive spaces for individual personalities.


Hinzer Architektur AG

Textiles, upholstery, floors, interior decoration, housing advice.


Baumann AG Innendekoration

Carpenter, Carpentry, Parquet, Windows, Kitchens.


Schreinerei Giovanoli

Electrical installations, telecommunication and computer systems, planning and implementation of lighting systems / LED lighting, audio and video equipment, TV reception systems, Internet via satellite, switching and distribution systems, engineering office for the planning of all installations.


Elektro Weisstanner AG

My Movie Theater. A project of:


Via Maistra 33 / 7500 St. Moritz

Textilien, Polsterei, Böden, Innendekoration, Wohnberatung


Baumann AG Innendekoration

Via Serlas 20 | 7500 St. Moritz | +41 81 833 27 08

Giassa da la Baselgia 2 | 7505 Celerina | +41 81 833 50 24

Neubau, Umbau, Renovation, Sanierung, effiziente Haustechnik, Design und Innenleben. Unverwechselbare Räume für individuelle Persönlichkeiten.


Hinzer Architektur AG

Via Suot Chesas 8a | 7521 St. Moritz/Champfèr |

+41 81 830 03 10


Via Maistra 33

7500 St. Moritz

+41 81 552 0404